2701, 2016

Unlimited Data is Back with AT&T

AT&T is making a huge play by bringing back unlimited data.  The combination of DirecTV and AT&T wireless service has already been a success.  Now, there is no need to worry about your data while you […]

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2101, 2016

First big snow of the year is on the way. Are you ready?

Here’s your checklist:
DirecTV – With DirecTV, you can start watching tv shows on your smartphone or tablet within an hour of signing up for service.  It doesn’t even need to be installed yet for you […]

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812, 2015

Wireless Gift Guide Part 2- Top Accessories

Give your loved ones the gifts they want and need this holiday season. Here are our picks for the top wireless accessories in our stores.

Samsung Wireless Chargers ($49.99) – Wireless charging is the future! No […]

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1911, 2015

AT&T Holiday Gift Guide- Top 10 Devices!

What are the hottest devices in our stores for gift giving this season?
Check out our smartphone and tablet picks to help you take the guesswork out of holiday shopping.



 Apple iPhone 6s

One of Apple’s most recent […]

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411, 2015

Feature packed LG V10 launches

The LG V10 is the newest flagship device from LG. It comes to AT&T just in time for the holidays It’s a feature packed and durable smartphone without a real competitor. It boasts a 5.7 inch 1440 […]

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810, 2015

Saving money with AT&T is simple and easy

Who likes saving money? Everyone! AT&T knows that. That’s why AT&T offers discounts based on where you work.  A percentage is taken off your bill on a monthly basis and can provide savings or room […]

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2909, 2015

DirecTV and AT&T make catching your shows on the go incredibly easy

AT&T and DirecTV know you don’t always have time to catch up on everything you want to. That’s why they make it easy for you.

For most people, television gets them through their fast paced lives. […]

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1009, 2015

Apple’s newest iPhones make a splash

Apple announcement events are always huge.  The one on September 9th was no different. Apple announced a lot of exciting new things including two new iPad models, a new Apple TV model, and a new […]

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608, 2015

The Galaxy S6 Gets Active

Samsung and AT&T have a history of rugged Galaxy smartphones going back three generations. Following the S4 Active and S5 Active, Samsung has released the S6 Active, and like the predecessors, it is an AT&T […]

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107, 2015

Direc To Your TV

Communications Electronics and AT&T are thrilled to now provide the superior TV experience of DirecTV.  While there are endless reasons that make DirecTV stand out from the other television providers. I want to highlight some […]

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906, 2015

New Small Business Discounts

It may be time to evaluate your wireless bill. AT&T offers monthly recurring discounts to large and small businesses and their employees. Are you a small business and not taking advantage of these savings? Savings […]

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1305, 2015

Plenti Of Ways To Earn With AT&T

AT&T is an official partner of Plenti, a great new way to earn rewards on everyday purchases! These rewards points can be redeemed at any participating retailer of the Plenti program. Let’s take a look at […]

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1604, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a large departure from Samsung’s prior four flagship models in both hardware design and software refinement. After the Galaxy S5 was not as successful as the Galaxy S4 in worldwide […]

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104, 2015

How Do I Transfer Data to my New Smartphone and other FAQs!

In this blog post, the staff at Communications Electronics wanted to address some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter in our AT&T retail stores. Let us know if you have any other questions […]

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1602, 2015

Protect Your Home and Family

AT&T is not just a cell phone provider anymore. One of the most exciting new products to hit the market in years is Digital Life home security and automation.  Brought to you exclusively by AT&T, […]

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2901, 2015

Understanding AT&T’s New Rollover Data

By Mike Crouse

Data usage can vary greatly from month to month on smartphones and tablets. With this in mind, AT&T has added Rollover Data to all of their Mobile Share Value Plans. This great new […]

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1401, 2015

Guarding Your Gadgets

By Mike Crouse

Chances are you received some great new technology for the holidays such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Cases, screen protectors and tracking apps can help keep these items safe to a degree […]

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1712, 2014

Wireless Wish List- Part Two

By Mike Crouse

1.  Apple iPhone 6 – starting at $21.67/month

Without a doubt one of the hottest gifts this holiday season is the Apple iPhone 6.  The newest version of the iPhone does not disappoint with sleek looks, a perfectly proportionate 4.7” display, blazing fast 64-bit A8 processor, and support for Apple Pay.  Quality photo and video performance also makes the iPhone 6 standout from the smartphone crowd with an 8mp iSight camera that utilizes Focus Pixels and up to 240fps slow motion video capture.  The iPhone 6 comes in three colors (Space Gray, Silver, and Gold) along with three different memory capacities (16GB, 64GB, and 128GB).  Supplies are limited so be sure to visit one of our stores today to make sure you get one for that special someone this holiday.

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2.  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – starting at $27.54/month

The fourth version of the Galaxy Note series from Samsung is a truly refined piece of hardware.  The flawless 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED display is perfect for multi-tasking and taking digital notes via the included S Pen.  A 3,220mAh capacity battery will keep you powered up all day and when it comes time to recharge the device the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology will give you up to 50% capacity in as little as 30 minutes.  Available in black or white, you simply cannot get a more powerful smartphone this holiday.

Learn more:

3.  LG G Pad 7.0 LTE – FREE with 2-year activation and NEXT smartphone purchase

What is better than a solid performing 7” Android tablet?  A FREE solid performing 7” tablet.  That’s right, get this LG G Pad tablet for completely free when you activate the tablet on a 2-year contract and pair it with a smartphone activation or upgrade on NEXT.  The G Pad is no slouch in the spec department with an HD+ IPS display, LG’s exclusive QPair technology that accompanies Android smartphones, and QuickRemote that turns the G Pad into a universal remote control for nearly any television.  You cannot go wrong with this versatile tablet as a perfect gift this holiday season.

Learn more:    […]

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212, 2014

Wireless Wish List 2014

By Mike Crouse

Everyone loves a new accessory for their mobile device and there are plenty of great options to choose from this year at our stores.  Here we have compiled our Top Ten List for wireless gift giving this Holiday Season.
From Bluetooth speakers to mobile power, even a colorful and protective case for the newest smartphones, we have you covered.

1.  Otterbox Defender Case – $49.99

Otterbox is the brand everyone knows and trusts for mobile protection. The Defender series case is the most recognizable case from Otterbox and it protects your device with a three layer design consisting of a hard plastic inner shell, a flexible rubber outer shell, and a protective screen cover.  This design absorbs heavy drop impact and keeps scratches off of the screen and is easily attachable to any belt with the included clip.  The clip can also be locked to function as a kickstand to keep your device ready to go on your desk or nightstand.  Our stores carry all of your favorite colors for all of your favorite devices.

2.  iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth Speaker – $9.00 (Holiday Special!)

Widely known for their iPhone cases, iFrogz has started to branch out into the personal audio category and they have a miniature hit on their hands with the Tadpole.  This diminutive speaker connects wirelessly with Bluetooth technology to any Bluetooth enabled gadget and has a built-in lithium ion battery that can run for up to 2 hours without a recharge via micro-USB.  Perfect as a stocking stuffer for impromptu holiday parties! […]

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1211, 2014

Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation

By Mike Crouse

The original Moto X reestablished Motorola in the smartphone realm in 2013 after releasing a plethora of devices under the Android moniker.  The Moto X tried to stay as true to the vision Google has for their operating system on a smartphone and not add too much clutter or unwanted applications.  This vision lives on in the Moto X 2nd Generation (X2) and Motorola has really stepped up their game in all aspects with this gorgeous device.

Bold and Beautiful

                Leather, bamboo and resin are materials you may think of when discussing a sculpture or a piece of fine furniture.  Motorola has taken these materials along with a sturdy metal midsection to create a phone that feels substantial, but not heavy in the hand or pocket.  The phone is quite the looker as well, especially in the bamboo back plate with white front face or the luxurious black leather option with a black front face.  While you cannot judge a book or a smartphone by simply its cover, in this instance you get a very premium feel from the second the Moto X2 rests in your hands.  This change in design aesthetics absolutely improves the X2 compared to its predecessor and even bests the Galaxy S5, Note 4, and LG G3, the closest competitors to the X2 in the Android universe.  The only current Android device available that potentially trumps the X2 in design is the HTC One M8, which is universally loved for its all metal design and carefully crafted curves.  […]

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311, 2014

Light on in the bedroom? Must mean my garage door is open!

By Roger Cassell

Digital Life from AT&T is unbelievable- now my doors all lock at 11:00 PM by themselves and if one of the kids leave a garage door open a lamp turns on in my […]

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2310, 2014

Introducing the Apple iPad Air 2

By Mike Crouse

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has announced the newest iPad model for release in the iPad Air 2.  The original iPad Air that was released in 2013 was a powerhouse of a tablet with a gorgeous screen, great battery life, and a processor that allowed every app and function to zip along at great speed.  The iPad Air 2 continues this lineage with a boost to almost every single aspect of the hardware, along with a few new software tricks up its sleeve to round out a very nice upgrade overall.

Impossibly Thin and Light

One of the most striking aspects of the original iPad Air was how thin and light it was compared to nearly all other 10” screen tablets in the market.  The iPad Air 2 clocks in at a thickness of 6.1mm which is 18% thinner than the prior model and is actually thinner than an iPhone 6.  These dimensions paired with a weight of just under a pound, .96 to be precise, give the iPad Air 2 a svelte profile that is even easier to hold for long periods of time.  This is a welcome change because you will want to take it with you everywhere and not want to put it down.    […]

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2108, 2014

Looking for a new smartphone that will enrich every moment of every day in style?

By Kelly Doeller

The new LG G3 smartphone is one of the most powerful devices on the market with the latest innovations and a most affordable price.

Most of us lead busy lives where we need to rely on our smartphones to help us manage our day to day routines.  In today’s competitive market, new and improved devices continue to emerge.

Here are some reasons why the new LG G3 smartphone is the next device that is right for you.


This smartphone has a 5.5 inch Quad HD display with 4x the resolution of high definition.  You get a better picture on this phone than on your television at home!
The stunning life like colors on this device seem to jump off the screen. Anyone will be captivated watching their favorite television show or movie.
It has a 13 Megapixel camera.
This is the first phone with laser auto focus built right into the camera.  This fast focusing camera will enable you to capture those special moments even when the children will not sit still. […]

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1806, 2014

Bring Your Own Device and Save!

By Shawn Haught

Late last year AT&T revamped its plans and services with new options that included AT&T Next, Mobile Share Value Plans, and the option of BYOD. All of these are great ways for customers to save money, and still remain on AT&T’s premium network.

The topic today is BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. This is a relatively new concept when it comes to cellular service. With traditional plans, customers buy a new phone upfront and commit to a two year contract. However, now we offer plans for customers to activate equipment that they already own at rates cheaper than ever. Allowing customers the freedom of not having to lock into contracts also gives peace of mind to customers not having to wonder when their contract is up.

A family of four can bring their own devices and get unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of data to share for $160. This plan is highly competitive to that of plans offered by other services with networks that don’t have the same coverage and benefits as AT&T. […]

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506, 2014

Isis Mobile Wallet- Pay with a tap of your smartphone

By Nick Bourassa

There is a cool new way to pay for stuff using your phone. It’s called Isis Mobile Wallet and it is the product of a wonderful cooperative effort between cell phone manufacturers and major credit companies. What they’ve done is create a completely digital way to manage, store, and pay using your credit cards by utilizing NFC  (Near Field Communication) technology in your smart phones.

Safer than your physical cards thanks to the apps’ omission of your credit card numbers and the encryption it uses to complete payments, Isis makes paying for things even more convenient than ever before. […]

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1704, 2014

New and Improved, Samsung Galaxy S5

By: Leeor Shimon
Another top-end mobile device just hit the market in the Samsung Galaxy S5. This product offers plenty of new features, and some much-needed improvements to the Samsung interface design. Sales of this new […]

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1703, 2014

Recommended Apps for iOS7


By: Leeor Shimon

The majority of iPhone devices are already loaded with favorite apps such as Facebook, Spotify, and Candy Crush, but there is plenty of excitement concerning new apps that are released every week. The App Store is loaded with great apps; some free, some for a small charge that will upgrade your phone’s productivity and usage benefits. Here is a list of the latest popular apps out there that I find very useful.

SwiftKey- This app is the fastest way to take notes on an iOS device. Using prediction technology, it autocorrects words as you type and offers next-word predictions based on the unique way you use words together. It gets smarter the more you use it, and adapts with you over time. This new app lets you type as you think in a faster and more efficient and fun way. […]

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2502, 2014

Flex is Next

By: Leeor Shimon

Have you heard about the latest smartphone on the market? Last week AT&T released their newest innovative product in the LG G Flex. The product features a uniquely curved and immersive design allowing […]

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3101, 2014

Beats Deal Yet!

By: Leeor Shimon

Just in case you haven’t heard, AT&T has launched its new music-streaming service, Beats Music with a special offer for AT&T wireless subscribers. For $14.99 a month, AT&T customers can use the new […]

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412, 2013

Wireless Holiday Gift Guide- Part Two

By Leeor Shimon

Now that we’ve discussed accessories, let’s move on to the main event.  Below are my pics for the perfect device for gift giving this year.

Samsung Note 3- Do you have a friend who just can’t manage to send text messages without tons of typos?  The Samsung Note 3 comes with the S Pen, which allows you to jot down notes, compose emails and write a text message by turning your handwriting into text.  Available in both midnight black and classic white.

Nokia Lumia 1520- The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first Windows Phone 8 and takes advantage of the newly extended hardware support of the WP devices. One major benefit of this smartphone  is that you can edit Microsoft Office documents on the go. It includes a 3400 mAh battery that will give you a longer battery life than average smartphones. […]

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2611, 2013

Wireless Holiday Gift Guide- Part One

By Leeor Shimon

As you search for the perfect gifts for family and friends, let us offer up some ideas . Below are a few of the latest wireless accessories that make fabulous gifts.

Yurbuds headphones – Do you have trouble getting earbuds to stay in your ears? Well, Yurbuds headphones are designed to both help the earbuds stay in place and to channel more of the sound into your ear, allowing you to turn the volume down and still get better sound quality. Yurbuds are made of a soft rubber which is more comfortable than average headphones. I tried out this set of headphones and I was pretty impressed with them. Yurbuds earbuds make a great holiday gift.
Belkin iPad Case with Keyboard – This case is an iPad’s perfect keyboard companion. The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case, which runs through Bluetooth, is a complimentary product for your tablet device and is the closest you will get to a laptop alternative, offering protection and not much bulk. I use one of these cases for my iPad and it makes the whole tablet experience better. […]

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1311, 2013

Thinner, Faster, iPad Air

By Leeor Shimon

Have you done your holiday shopping yet? Looking for a unique gift that will excite your friends and family? Well, Apple recently launched its latest product in the iPad Air, redesigning its older version to be 20% thinner and weigh just one pound. The iPad Air feels incredibly light in your hand and includes a 9.7-inch Retina display, A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, superior wireless speed, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Talk about exciting…. […]

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3010, 2013

What You Should Know about iOS 7

By Leeor Shimon
Have you ever thought of giving your iPhone a brand new look? Let us set aside colored phones and gold finishes for a minute. Last month, Apple released their biggest change to date in the new iOS 7 operating system for iPhones and iPads, making it its first substantial leap towards a new, more modern design. The iOS 7 offers a uniquely different look to the iPhone’s software that makes consumers feel like they’re getting an entirely new device.
The iOS 7 is more than just a visual makeover. Set aside it’s completely innovated interface, the update also offers new features such as Control Center, which serves as a hub for everything you want to access quickly, from turning Wi-Fi on and off to adjusting the display brightness. […]

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2210, 2013

AT&T Digital Life – Home Security and Automation in the Palm of Your Hand!

By: Matt Cassell

Do you ever wonder if you remembered to lock the door when you left for work in the morning? Or maybe you are concerned about the temperature of your home while on vacation? What about seeing what time the kids got home and knowing if they actually did their homework before they started playing video games? Well now you can handle those concerns and much more with AT&T Digital Life – AT&T’s newest addition to its line of wireless solutions.Digital Life offers the safety of keeping your home secure with Smart Security while adding the ease and comfort of Home Automation. Starting at $39.99/month and $149.99 installed, Smart Security has everything you need to monitor and access your home’s security system from your computer, smart phone or tablet. See the status of your home’s security, receive text and video alerts of events at home, arm or disarm your alarm, and monitor doors, windows and motion sensors. […]

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1010, 2013

Should I upgrade to the new iPhone 5s?

By Leeor Shimon

With just a few weeks since the release of its newest smartphone, Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone is indeed a revelation in many ways. With brand new features of iOS 7, an all-new iSight camera system which boasts a 64-bit A7 chip, and a built-in high-tech fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5s is the first smartphone where the hardware and software feel truly cohesive, fun and effortless.

The new A7 chip in the iPhone 5s guarantees up to two times the CPU and graphics performance, making every action on the device faster than ever before. What does this A7 chip mean to you? It translates to a faster, more user-friendly mobile experience. The new Touch ID fingerprint sensor is grabbing lots of the attention . Instead of using a numbered pin to unlock your iPhone’s lock screen, the new iPhone 5s uses its new A7 chip to recognize your fingerprint via a new home button with a built-in sensor.

Apple’s innovation in the 5s continues with its improvement to the camera. […]

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1508, 2013

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 1020- The Wait is Over

By Brett Wise

Have you been waiting for that smartphone with a truly impressive camera? Trust me, the wait is over.

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 1020, with an amazing 41 megapixel camera. The all new Lumia is packing a punch in the smartphone market. Along with the 41 MP camera, it shows off its 4.5” AMOLED HD PureMotion display that catches your eye as soon as you turn on the device. Add to all that the 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor, which along with AT&T’s 4G and 4G LTE connectivity, will satisfy your speed needs. […]

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2507, 2013

Meet the phone that is ready for whatever comes your way.

By Jim McBee

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the device made for people looking for a truly feature-rich smartphone that can also stand up to everyday living. The S4 Active is IP67 certified against dust, sand and water. The S4 has an awesome 8MP camera and can capture video in full HD. This is impressive considering that you can do this while swimming in a pool using Aqua Mode.  The camera also has Panorama, Drama Shot and Face Detection to make your pictures come out great every time. As every Samsung does, it has a beautiful display that is a full 5” but still feels comfortable to carry in your pocket. […]

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1306, 2013

Why Windows Phones are Underrated

by Lauren Wilmsen

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to smartphones and the choices keep growing. But here’s the thing, not everyone needs what some of these smartphones can do. As a sales team, it is our job to put you in the right phone for you. That doesn’t always mean the phone with the quad core processor, 400 billion apps that you’ll never use, and more settings than any normal consumer could imagine let alone understand. Some people knock Windows 8 because it’s simple, but isn’t that the whole point of having a smartphone?  To Simplify?

Most people want to use their phones for 3 functions in addition to calling: Internet/Email, Photos, and Apps. Windows phones do these three things really well and they are all easy to use.

Internet/Email – Most users have PCs.  Any user who has Windows 8 on their PC will have their email automatically setup on their phone, ALL of their accounts will be on their phone with no additional work simply by logging into their Live account. And Vice-versa, get a new work email? Have your IT guy set it up on your phone, your PC , Laptop, or Tablet will be updated too.

Favorite Sites? Search History? Bookmarks? Documents? Contacts? All updated real-time. No need to back it up or plug it in. No matter where you make a change it will be synced across your devices. […]

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805, 2013

Safeguard your Device and Privacy

By Cody Chanteau

Open Enrollment for AT&T Mobile Protection is here!

Did you know that one in four people will lose, damage or have their devices stolen this year? Tablets, notebooks, and smartphones are big investments for anyone. That’s why protection is more important than ever.

Don’t have Insurance?  No problem, AT&T Mobile Protection Pack Open Enrollment is here.   Normally mobile insurance is only able to be added within the first 30 days of device activation or upgrade.  AT&T is now allowing the ability to add mobile protection for your device until May 31st.  In addition to mobile phones, you can add mobile protection to tablets!

AT&T’s Mobile Protection Pack (MPP) offers you three key areas of protection: mobile insurance, mobile locate and enhanced support.

AT&T Mobile Insurance:
What does mobile insurance do for me?  If your device is lost or stolen it will be replaced.  If it’s accidentally damaged, it will be replaced.  Even if your device gets liquid damage or has an out of warranty malfunction it will be replaced. Once the claim is approved and the deductible met, the device is shipped overnight in most cases! […]

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3004, 2013

Introducing the all new Samsung Galaxy S4

By Cody Chanteau

The wait is over! Samsung has finally released the Galaxy S4, their latest and greatest addition in the Galaxy line of phones, and it doesn’t disappoint! Featuring a blazing fast quad-core processor, colorful 5-inch HD screen, sharp-shooting 13 megapixel camera and a mile-high stack of software extras, it’s one of the most powerful smartphones in the world!

So what exactly does the S4 have that the S3 doesn’t? The better question is what doesn’t it have? Sporting a 1080p HD screen, lightning fast processor ideal for streaming services and games and an IR blaster that can control your TV, the S4 is no slouch. With the ability to scroll through pages or answer a phone call with just the gesture of your hand, or using your eyeballs to pause a video, the S4 is a clear upgrade to its predecessor. […]

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304, 2013

Celebrating 37 Years in Business

By Glenn Cassell

On April 1st, 2013, Communications Electronics celebrates 37 years of wireless service!
As my wife Ruth has remarked many, many times: “Only a fool would start a business on April Fool’s Day!”  It might […]

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304, 2013

Meet the all new BlackBerry Z10!

By Cody Chanteau

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the release of the BlackBerry Z10 is finally here! Sporting a gorgeous black or white finish, the Z10’s beautiful display showcases the all new Blackberry 10 operating system.  The device and software were designed together for a mobile experience unlike any previous BlackBerry. With a stunning 4.2 inch display and resolution of 1280 x 768, the Blackberry Z10 can take High-Definition videos with the touch of a button.

At its core is the all new BlackBerry Flow, which eliminates the constant search for information; you’re just one swipe away from the heart of your phone.  Flow allows you to “peek” or view any notifications or alerts you have without leaving the screen you’re viewing, which are all unified into the new Blackberry Hub. The Hub takes your email, text messages, BBM and social media and integrates it all into one incredibly friendly notification center. BlackBerry Flow keeps open recently used applications and anticipates what you’re trying to do on the phone, making for one seamless experience. […]

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1903, 2013

Protect your Lifeline

By Cody Chanteau

Can you imagine life without your cell phone?  What about ill-timed car breakdowns? Walking through a neighborhood you don’t know well?  With just the touch of a button, you can get out of bad situations or simply hear a comforting voice.  Cell phones keep us in touch with the world, but more importantly help improve our everyday life.

With the warm weather approaching and the anticipation of more outdoor activity, it is time to consider if your cell phone is adequately protected.  As many of us know, just dropping a smartphone or exposing it to water can cause irreversible damage.   Being expensive pieces of electronics that range in the hundreds, our cell phones are highly vulnerable to liquid damage, being dropped and the screen cracking, or just general wear and tear.

With the new Armor series of cases from OtterBox, fear no more!  […]

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103, 2013

At Last… Home Phone Service for Less

by Cody Chanteau

Are you tired of paying an expensive home phone bill? Tired of having to pay multiple bills? Look no further. With AT&T’s new Wireless Home Phone you can combine all your wireless services […]

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2602, 2013

Introducing the Pantech Discover

By Holly Johnson

I have always been a fan of Pantech, without exception, hands down; their phones have a great signal.  And Pantech cell phones have proven to be incredibly user friendly and dependable.

The Discover, Pantech’s newest AT&T smartphone to be released, really is a game changer. It’s an Android 4.0 phone, with all the basics of any Android device and a whole lot more! The Discover has a 12.6 megapixel camera, and is blessed with amazing 3D surround sound stereo speakers. The audio player has a boost mode that can blast enough power into the little speakers to fill an entire room with music. They are ridiculously loud! It also comes pre-loaded with AT&T’s Drive Time App. When active it lets callers know you are driving and alerts them that you’ll get back to them soon. […]

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502, 2013

Hands Free Smartphone Navigation

By Cody Chanteau

Having recently moved to Baltimore, I often found myself in areas I was completely unfamiliar with and would be hopelessly lost without GPS navigation.  In this day and age, most smartphones come with […]

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1801, 2013

Keep Current with Feedly News App

By Derrone Showell

I do enjoy learning so when I get free time I like to read a lot. One of my favorite news apps for android is called Feedly; it’s a nice way to catch […]

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1912, 2012

iPad 4 vs iPad mini

By Brittani Creamer

Apple stunned us again when they dropped not one, but two new iPads just in time for the holidays, the revamped 4th Generation iPad (aka iPad 4) and the new iPad mini. But with their simplicity and common design how do you know which one is right for you? Apple claims the mini is “every inch an iPad”, but that’s not necessarily true. While they’re both 4G LTE enabled, and both come equipped with the new Lightning connector port, iOS 6, Siri, and upgraded HD iSight and FaceTime cameras, there are a couple of other factors  to consider before making your final decision.

First, the mini doesn’t have the Retina display. Now, not having the clearest or brightest display may not seem like a big deal to some, but for those considering switching from the 3rd generation iPad (aka iPad 3) to the mini, the display could make a big difference. Interested buyers must keep in mind that any HD apps purchased for their iPad 3 are not compatible with the mini. On the upside, Apple fans purchasing their first iPad or upgrading from the iPad 2 won’t have anything to worry about in that sense. […]

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712, 2012

Two Apps to get you through the Holiday Season

By Devon Gorczynski

As Christmas and the New Year quickly approach our front doorsteps, most of us become completely overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. As a poor college student, like many, my budget is always limited—and by limited, I mean zero.  When I do choose to visit the mall, I am bombarded with ridiculously high price tags that fit nowhere in my budget. When did things get so expensive?

The holidays also bring the challenge of eating right.   I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle,  yet  I always find myself in the dilemma of what to buy that is somewhat health conscious. Being one who is internet-savvy, I try and educate myself on foods to avoid and foods to indulge in, whether that is reading blogs or watching the Dr. OZ show on TV. As the New Year approaches, I know many of us will make the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle, whether that is the commitment to work out for 15 minutes, diet, or train for a half marathon.  So how do we do it?

I have two solutions that will help with the stress of gift giving and bad eating habits during the holiday season.  I rely on two apps that you can easily download on your smartphone, FOR UNDER A DOLLAR:

1.  Shopper-Pro-  Shopper-Pro is an app that organizes your shopping lists, suggests great recipe ideas, and helps save money with grocery coupons and store flyers. […]

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2311, 2012

CE’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

By Phil Hiotis

The latest wireless accessories don’t have to break the bank this season!  Check out our top picks in this year’s holiday gift guide.

5. Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter Cable- Here we are, ladies and gentlemen: the most sought after accessory in Apple history. The iPhone 5 caused a consumer stir with its all new cable; however, no need to fear, fret, or fume over the antiquated iPhone equipment. We are here to ease the transition with our new iPhone 5 accessories. Only have a car adapter for the iPhone 4s? No need to throw it in the garbage. With our Lightning Cable adapter, all your past accessories will survive the slow death of garage sales. The adapter allows your old 30 pin plugs to transform into lightning cables.


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1311, 2012

We’ve Got You Covered! – Protection for your Cell Phone

By Devon Gorczynski
Losing, damaging, or having your cell phone stolen can seem like doomsday. All of us have been there before, and when it happens, it seems as though your life has been stopped at an automatic halt. Like many college students, I for one, rely on my cell phone as if it is a living-breathing-talking companion.  I book appointments in my calendar app, jot down notes and reminders necessary to the day’s daily tasks, store emails and check mail, and have tons of entertainment data. All of my personal pictures, music, and contacts are stored on my iPhone. If my phone were to “hypothetically” be lost today, what would I do? […]

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111, 2012

Staff Pick- iPhone 5 Review

By Mike Crouse

It is that time of year again. After months of rumor and speculation, the iPhone 5 from Apple has finally arrived and as usual the device does not disappoint in the least.

With […]

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1510, 2012

It Can Wait… Will You Take the Pledge?

By Devon Gorczynski

As busy individuals, many of us have succumbed to the deadly habit of texting while driving. Why is it that we find the complete and utter need to text while operating a moving vehicle? As a college student, at times, it innately becomes second nature. Often times, I am completely aware that I should not be texting because I know it could lead to something catastrophic, but more times than most I feel the need of urgency to text back. Those nagging text message alerts drive your senses into an automatic frenzy. You begin to feel overwhelmed when you receive several incoming messages, not to mention by different people. We all do it, but the solution lies with learning how to stop.

AT&T has created an innovative solution. The premiere wireless communications company has recently launched a unique campaign termed, “It Can Wait.” The campaign, which was launched in mid-August, aims to eliminate texting and driving all together. The campaign prompts drivers to visit the site, www.ItCanWait.com, in pledging to erase this habit from their everyday lives. The site also provides users with educational information and allows them to share their pledge with others . The campaign has taken the social networking world by storm as well, allowing users to interact and join this movement in real time. […]

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2809, 2012

Top 5 Smartphone List

by Phil Hiotis

It’s a safe bet to say that we live in a list obsessed culture. Sources from People Magazine to David Letterman offer a constant barrage of lists depicting items that are the most superior. I felt it was time for Communications Electronics to join the list party. So throw on your copy of “High Fidelity,” here is the Top 5 List of Smartphones sold in our stores.
Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones at Communications Electronics/ ATT Stores
5. Samsung Galaxy Note – What can I say about a phone that has as many functions as the Millennium Falcon? The stunning Galaxy Note is perfect for a professional on the go, or an amateur staying home – whatever lifestyle suits you. Now, with its new discounted price, the Galaxy Note, despite its large stature, is swiftly moving into the palms of more and more customers. Get your S-Pen ready, and brace yourself for, literally, the next big thing. […]

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1409, 2012

Your new best friend- Motorola Atrix HD

by Arin Healey

Staff Pick- Motorola Atrix HD

I’m a mother of two boys. I’m always on the lookout for a phone durable enough to not only survive them (my phone is always missing) but handle my daily schedule, and have a really great camera to catch all those moments that will never happen again. I have found all those things and a whole lot more in the Motorola Atrix HD.

The Motorola Atrix HD is the third in its series now with 4G LTE data speeds making it superfast. No problems sharing anything with family, friends, and the world of Facebook! They have updated the design making the screen larger but the phone even thinner.

The Atrix HD comes with the latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.
The screen is 4.5″ HD Gorilla Glass with Color boost. Everything on the screen really pops with color, plus it’s super durable.
There’s also a Kevlar backing, and a sticky strip around the sides that make it a perfect feel and fit for your hand. It’s made with DuPont™ KEVLAR fiber for incredible strength and stability.
Plus the MOTOROLA ATRIX HD has a high-tech, invisible nano-coating that acts as a splash guard and shields against the unexpected splash – not only on the outer shell, but on the electrical circuit boards inside, too. […]

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2908, 2012

Beauty and Brains

By Dan Ross

When you think about cell phones, one word that tends to not come to mind is “beautiful.”  Can there be beauty in a piece of hardware?  I’ve read plenty of poetry in my life, and never once did the Bard try to “compare thee to an iPhone.”  So, the question remains: can a phone be as lovely a summer day?  Can a phone be as relaxing and tranquil as a pebble skipping across a babbling brook?

With the Galaxy S III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone, Samsung has tried to answer these very questions.  In fact, one of the designers said, “I happened to witness the pebbles in a stream sparkling under the sunlight and I tried to capture those elements into the design of the phone.”

Immediately, this focus on a natural design becomes crystal clear.  Instead of the industry-standard random pseudo-futuristic design of the unlock screen, the screen you will see most often on your phone, the S III features a picture of a dandelion on the 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen so realistic that you can practically smell the outdoors.  […]

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2308, 2012

Prep Your Phone for International Travel

by Jeremy Krug
One question I get from customers almost daily is: “Can I use my phone while traveling abroad? And what will it cost me?” OK, that’s two questions, but you get the idea.

Since we are an AT&T Retailer, I can speak for AT&T’s Global plans, but all major carriers offer some version of international calling plans. AT&T, with its seemingly limitless variety of communication solutions, has made using your wireless device(s) while traveling abroad a cinch. With AT&T’s cache of affordable World Packages and a
quick visit to your local Communications Electronics store, we can easily help you set up your wireless device so that it can be used virtually anywhere in the world where there is cellular coverage. […]

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1708, 2012

Staff Pick- HTC Vivid by Josh Tinell

Steal this phone!
Are you looking for an incredibly powerful smartphone that won’t break the bank? The HTC Vivid is my phone of choice. And for $49.99 with a 2 year agreement it is an unbelievable steal. I enjoy knowing that I can rely on my Vivid to capture the moment with crisp, clear photos. And the 4.5” super LCD screen is easy on my eyes. With 4G LTE speeds I can cruise through the internet and find a nearby restaurant in an instant. […]

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1307, 2012

AT&T Wireless Home Phone……I say Awesome by Dawn Reed

Finally an answer to that age old question:  “What do I do with all my rollover minutes?”

With the introduction to AT&T Wireless Home Phone, aka WHP, you now can replace your costly home phone service […]

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706, 2012

Summer Travel Made Easy – Put your Phone to Work by Phil Hiotis

With summer quickly approaching, everyone’s attention is turning towards vacation. As we check to see if we have enough paid vacation days to turn in a decent holiday, or if we garnered enough money to afford a tropical getaway, it is important to keep other things in mind besides convenience and affordability. June is National Safety month, and we, at CE, believe that your vacation should not be excluded. When going on long drives, please always remember to wear your seatbelt and to have your car tuned to meet the feet of your distance. If your car happens to be felled by the arduous voyage towards leisure, AT&T Roadside Assistance will be your knight in shining armor. For an incredibly low price of $2.99, you’ll get help with a wide array of services including towing, to unlocking your car, and allow you piece of mind to focus on getting the perfect tan. […]

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305, 2012

Staff Pick- Nokia Lumia 900 by Lauren Wilmsen

The Nokia Lumia 900 is one of two brand new 4G Windows devices just added to AT&T’s expanding phone line-up. The Nokia Lumia features a beautiful 3.7 inch screen, definitely the most vibrant screen of any Windows phone to date. Plus, with the Carl Zeiss camera taking 8MP photos, you’ll be seeing plenty of great quality pictures.

The relatively new Windows Phone 7 operating system is not familiar to most people but definitely worth a look. […]

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1303, 2012

ESPN Scorecenter App by Derrone Showell

With the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament on its way to televisions across the nation, it’s only right I talk about one of my favorite Android applications. ESPN Scorecenter from ESPN.com is a must have for any sports fanatic out there. I personally attend NBA and NFL games when I can, while also watching as much as I can on TV, but sometimes life gets so busy you just can’t keep track of all the games out there and your favorite teams. This app fixes all of that and more. […]

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2002, 2012

Staff Pick- Samsung Galaxy Note by Mike Crouse

The line between tablets and smartphones has been fuzzy for some time now and the new Galaxy Note from Samsung fully crosses that line.  With a 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display and accompanying S Pen, […]

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501, 2012

Skyrocket your Mobile Experience by Joe Rode


Have you heard the news?  AT&T recently launched one of its first two 4G LTE smartphones, the Samsung S Galaxy II Skyrocket.  Samsung has outdone itself with this new version of the Galaxy S. 

The Samsung Skyrocket features a 4.5-inch AMOLED Plus display that offers amazing real estate for catching up on sports, watching movies, as well as an awesome mobile browsing experience.  The Skyrocket also features a dual core 1.5GHz processor that will surely be ready for any number of applications you throw at it.  It comes equipped with two cameras: an 8-megapixel with 1080p video capture on the back and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat.

The best part about this phone, however, is the internet speeds that you will be receiving with 4G LTE.  […]

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2911, 2011

Fantasy Football by Kris Kane

The playoffs are quickly approaching in fantasy football.  It’s now no longer a question of whether you play fantasy sports, but how many teams do you manage.  Of course, almost every fantasy football league can be tracked directly on your phone.  As this is a cell phone blog, I’m pretty much obligated to mention that.  That’s the only way I can sneak in 4 paragraphs of fantasy football talk onto our website.  If you’d like to get a fantasy football app on your phone (or get a phone that will allow it), please feel free to stop into one of our many convenient locations.

So where do we start?  If you know the difference between an IDP and an RB2, this is in your wheelhouse.  […]

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2709, 2011

Staff Pick- LG Thrill™ by Kevin O’Brien

When it comes to picking out a new phone there are lots of choices. The LG Thrill™  just moved to the front of the line. This is a major milestone for AT&T- the first phone with a glasses-free 3-D display. I am having a hard time putting into words how incredible this looks while navigating on its 4.3 inch screen.

Operating on the AT&T 4G network along with its duel core processor, this phone is faster then a rocket ship. […]

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809, 2011

A Bit of TV Trivia: 45 Years Ago Today by John Watson

What event occurred 45 years ago today on September 8th 1966 at 8:30PM that many (including me) would say played a substantial role in influencing the creation of not just the cellular phones we sell/use […]

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1208, 2011

Sports Fans: This App’s For You- Jeremy Krug

Are you ready for some football?!  I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I sure am.  By now I think that everyone on the planet is familiar with the soap opera that has been the tumultuous NFL off-season and the subsequent kiss and make up.  Now that the dust has settled, a few questions remain.  Where are your favorite players, what new players have your favorite team picked up and why in the heck did the Ravens cut Todd Heap?!  All good questions.  If you don’t have a few hours a day to sit and watch ESPN (who does?), I have a couple of easy ways for you to stay on top of the all of the action without having to invest a ton of time, because after all, we’re all just too busy to sit and watch television or anything else for a few hours, right? […]

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2206, 2011

Hot New Entertainment Apps- Jim Cabral

One of my new favorites in the Android market is the DoubleTwist app with Air Sync.  One reason that people hold back from making the switch from iPhone to Android is the fear that they can’t manage and sync their music, videos, and photos like they can in iTunes.  Wrong!  When you install the DoubleTwist app on both your phone and your PC, it will import all of your media, podcasts, playlists, etc.!  The graphic interface of the software is very similar to iTunes, so you don’t feel lost if you’re used to Apple software.  The DoubleTwist app is free, but for 4.99 more, you can get the Air Sync plug in which will do all the above…wirelessly with your wifi network.  When I start walking up my sidewalk, my phone jumps on the wifi network and starts syncing.  That, my friends, is wicked awesome. […]

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906, 2011

Health and Fitness Apps by John Cole

Have you made a commitment to get more fit and healthy this year and need a little extra help?

There are many applications available for all different types of smartphones to help you achieve your goals. For Android devices there are apps like FindYourRun and Virtual Physio Hip Adduction to help with exercise routines. Accelerated Health Lessons is an Android app to help you develop habits for healthy living. And Diet Secrets and My Food Calc offer tools to help with weight loss. […]

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306, 2011

BlackBerry 6 Now Available

The new BlackBerry® 6 OS has many enhancements for your
 BlackBerry® Curve™ 3G and BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone. 

The update is easy and offers some nice upgrades.

Faster, richer web browsing- Faster, crisper page loads.  Tabbed browsing allows you to […]

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704, 2011

Travel Tips for your iPhone

AT&T has some great advice for keeping a handle on your bill when traveling abroad:
AT&T knows that the mobile Internet on your Apple® iPhone® is indispensable to you. That’s why we want to remind you that international data usage is not covered under your existing U.S. data plan.  

The good news is that now, when you’re traveling outside the U.S., you can save money on your international data usage by signing up for one of AT&T’s newly created Data Global Plans with low rates in more than 100 countries 
iPhone Tips for International Roamers
When using your service outside the U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands (for either voice or data), international roaming rates apply. Your iPhone provides access to email, Visual Voicemail, Web browsing and other applications that can use a significant amount of data, so remember-international data roaming can get expensive quickly. […]

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2303, 2011

BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and iPhone….OH MY! By Nick Volk

So the cost isn’t bad for the monthly service, but what phone is right for me?  Trust me, there are lots of options out there. Finding the right one for you can be done, but it is just like a good pair of shoes; you have to be willing to go in and try a few on.   And the pricing has never been better.  On average you can expect to find a new and highly capable smartphone with a 24 month agreement starting at around $50.00 and topping out at around $299.99 for the equipment.  Not too bad, right? 

So which smartphone do I choose?  Currently the industry is being lead by four major smartphone types: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.  Each type is a little bit different, but endlessly capable. […]

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1003, 2011

Are you ready to make the smartphone move? by Nick Volk

Since 2007 when Apple’s iPhone hit the market, the wireless world has changed.  The new cellular scene is no longer about just making a call and checking voicemail because frankly our lives today are busier than ever. It would seem that our phones, like all of us, are just trying to keep up in the fast paced constantly changing world in which we live.  We now have 12 different emails, those ever thrilling stock reports, and we all know how important those Facebook updates can be. (Your day just isn’t complete without being able to express to your online community how much you hate waiting in line at Starbucks.) 

So what does this mean to you?  You don’t have to be left behind.  […]

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403, 2011

Staff Pick- Motorola Atrix by Lauren Wilmsen

March is a big month for AT&T’s product line. It marks the arrival of the first 4G phones to come to AT&T’s network. Blazing to the forefront is the Motorola Atrix, a 4G Android smartphone that promises both speed and superior customization.

The Atrix comes packed full of surprises with a 4” full touch screen, Android 2.2, 5MP camera, 16GB preloaded storage and 1GB of ram. The Atrix is AT&T’s first dual core processor phone. What does that mean to you? It means the fastest phone you’ve ever experienced with smaller loading times and the ability to play a new generation of games and use a new generation of apps. […]

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1702, 2011

Trying to cut costs on your monthly budget?

New Mobile to Any Mobile Feature from AT&T

Well AT&T heard you and wants to help you save money on your monthly wireless bill.  AT&T is now offering unlimited calling to any mobile number in America, regardless of the wireless network.  Unlimited mobile to any mobile is available to AT&T customers with an unlimited messaging plan and a qualifying voice plan.  So now you can call anyone on any network at anytime and not have to worry about counting minutes.  […]

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402, 2011

Intro to 4G- 101

What is all the buzz about 4G and really, what is 4G anyway?  Here is an overview for you from AT&T, with an explanation of the terms and more importantly what it means to you and your wireless experience.

 What is 4G?
4G (4th Generation) means faster mobile broadband speeds – where data transfers take less time to complete.  Download songs in just a few beats. Download photos in a flash. Quickly load websites and watch smooth-streaming videos.

AT&T already delivers the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network. But, it gets even better as that network evolves to deliver 4G speeds in select cities soon. When combined with enhanced backhaul, AT&T’s HSPA+ network is expected to enable speeds up to 4x faster than AT&T’s already fast mobile broadband speeds. And, in mid-2011, AT&T will be evolving to even faster 4G speeds with the planned initial launch of AT&T’s LTE network. […]

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1801, 2011

Trash or Treasure by Jeremy Krug

For most of us, we are rather excited to get a new mobile device and can’t wait to get it in our grubby little hands so that we can rush home, play with it and figure out all of the little nuances.  As we move on to this new device, what becomes of the old one?  Is it destined to occupy space in the kitchen junk drawer, given to the kids to play with or requisitioned by the family dog as a new chew toy? 

Often times when customers stop by to pick up the newest, coolest device from their friendly, local Communications Electronics store, they ask the question “What do I do with my old device?”  Some folks think that they need to turn in their old device to us when purchasing a new one.  This is not true; the old device is yours to do with as you please.  Wouldn’t it be nice though, if you could trade in your old device and have someone else pay for a portion of the cost of the new Bluetooth device or vehicle charger you’re going to purchase? 

Communications Electronics has partnered with a company named Flipswap for the express purpose of just that.  […]

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1201, 2011

Staff Pick- LG Quantum by Cody Chanteau

Recently Microsoft released three new mobile devices featuring their latest operating system, Windows 7.  Of the three devices, I found the LG Quantum to be the most appealing.  Boasting a 3.5 inch touch screen and 800 x 480 screen resolution, the Quantum is the only Windows 7 phone that features a full QWERTY keyboard.  The phone’s keyboard seems to give this phone the edge, making answering texts, emails, or working on office documents a breeze. While it is slightly shorter and narrower than the iPhone 3G, the LG Quantum is a little bit on the heavier side due to the keyboard, but it is well worth the sacrifice.  The full keyboard offers enough real estate to possess symbol, emoticon, function and Caps buttons and I found myself being able to type much faster with the physical keyboard than the virtual one.  […]

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501, 2011

Guidelines For Cell Phone Etiquette From Doofus And Dashing

Do you know someone who lacks cell phone etiquette?
I’m sure you do. Maybe it’s a family member with less than quality taste in music who has a horrible ringtone. Or a “loud talker” in the workplace who happens to be in the cubicle next to you who can’t ever seem to stay off their cell phone during the day. Perhaps a good friend whom, even when you’re hanging out together, NEVER stops texting someone else, holding out hope that a better offer may come along.

If you have a special person like this in your life, we highly suggest sharing the infographic below with them as a helpful hint on how to improve their cell phone etiquette in 2011.

Click the image below for seven “do’s” and “don’ts” of cell phone etiquette, brought to you by Doofus and Dashing. […]

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401, 2011

Looking back… looking ahead by John Watson

I was talking with a gentleman recently who had just upgraded to a new phone.  He talked about having his old phone (his first cellular phone) for years.  How he disliked it in the beginning, to how he couldn’t do without it now.  He was just amazed at all the things his new phone could do that his old phone couldn’t. This got me thinking about my first phone.  […]

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712, 2010

De-Bug Your Bill by Paul DiLorenzo


Billing questions are always at the top of our customer questions. While a bill can be hundreds of pages long, where do you start to get a handle on it? […]

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2311, 2010

One of Our Best- by Kris Kane

If you’ve purchased a cell phone in the Baltimore area anytime over the past decade, chances are good that your purchase was in some way influenced by Roger Sterk.  Whether you bought your phone from Roger directly or not, you’ve probably felt his effect.  […]

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1911, 2010

How Cell Phone Savvy Are You? By Kris Kane

Here’s a quick quiz to test your cell phone expertise:  

1. Android is_____________.
a) A cool new operating system for phones  (+5)
b) The new Will Smith movie (-5)  

2. You last used a Razr __________
a) in 2005 (+5)
b) this morning (-5)
c) the last time I shavd (-10)   […]

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1111, 2010

Staff Pick- HTC Surround by Mike Crouse

The Windows Phone launch this week brings a handful of exciting new devices.  One of the most interesting is the Surround™ from HTC.  A large 3.8” touch screen slides slightly to reveal a simulated surround sound bar that utilizes both Dolby Mobile and SRS Wow processing.  Combined with a 1ghz Snapdragon processor and 16gb of internal storage memory (expandable with microSDHC) this will be a great phone for music and movie lovers on the go. 

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system gives the Surround a very stable platform.  […]

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411, 2010

Motorola Flipout Review by Mike Crouse

A vast array of new smartphones and quick messaging phones are suddenly hitting the market.  A follow up to the successful Motorola Backflip, the Flipout is destined for a large following this holiday season.  Boasting an extremely unique swivel design and a large, easy to use QWERTY keyboard, the Flipout allows a user to completely manage both their personal and professional lives down to the color of the battery cover.  A 3 megapixel camera allows for crisp, clear pictures and the 3.5mm headphone jack makes listening to your favorite tunes a pleasure with your standard headphones.  […]

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211, 2010

Which Smartphone Are You? By Kris Kane

By now, you’ve realized that you should have a smartphone. Seriously, if you are reading a blog, you should have a smartphone. It’s just a matter of deciding which one. Let me help.
If you wanted a detailed analysis of each device’s features and specs, wait for Jeremy’s next blog. I’m going to put it in a different context. Assume that you’re a guy deciding which friend to choose as your best man. […]

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1210, 2010

Cell Phone Graveyard by Kevin O’Brien


Just from the photo and title of this entry you are most likely thinking about your own cell phone graveyard. It may be a drawer in the kitchen or a box in the basement. We all have one. In fact the U.S. has more then 200 million cell subscribers and with the average user changing phones every 18 months … well you do the math. With everyone in Hollywood telling us to “go green” here are a few simple things we can do.  […]

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3009, 2010

MD. Handsfree Law- Are You Ready?

Unless you have been out of town, or asleep for the last week, I am sure that you have heard the news of the new law taking effect here in Maryland tomorrow.  October 1st marks the start of the new Maryland law banning handheld cellphone use while driving.  The bill specifically bans the use of hands to operate a cell phone while driving other than dialing or turning the device off and on.

Senate Bill 321

“Prohibiting a driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion from using the driver’s hands to use a handheld telephone except to initiate or terminate a wireless call or to turn on or off the handheld phone; providing that a violation of the Act may be enforced only as a secondary violation; establishing penalties of $40 for a first offense and $100 for a second offense; prohibiting a driver of a school vehicle or a holder of an instructional permit or provisional driver’s license from using a handheld phone while driving; etc.”

Communications Electronics offers a wide range of hands free options including blue tooth headsets & visor mounted devices.

To help get you started, we have listed our most popular sellers: […]

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2409, 2010

Welcome to our Blog

Thanks for dropping by!  We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve been making to our site.  After all, you’re the reason we made them.  Our goal is to make a site worthy of being your […]

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